Simple Flower Styling Tips for Mother’s Day

Simple Flower Styling Tips for Mother's Day

Today we have a special guest blogger, just in time for Mother’s Day.  My dear friend Chavvy who runs the style and design blog Florista by the Bar is a styling genius, especially when it comes to flowers. Chavvy has been kind enough to share a simple floral styling guide to really impress mom this year and trust me when she gives you style/design advice you listen  with both ears. Make sure you look out for the launch of her new online store at her website Style this Shindig. Read on below to find out how to elevate those flowers for mom.


This Mother’s Day, you want nothing more than to have your mom know how much you love and appreciate her.  Amiright?  It’s not surprising since mom is the kickass woman who raised you with all her might.  Now, look at you.  The good kid who wants to reciprocate the thoughtfulness.  You nailed down the food, the gifts, and the guestlist – that’s you. Good company is important after all.  You’re all set right?  

Imagine, for a moment, your mom walking into a clean and neat room, filled with scents of fresh-out-of-the-oven store bought appetizers.  The food bar has an abundance of potluck dishes from the siblings (or her favorite takeout) all laid out neatly.  You have her favorite drinks mixed, table set, and utensils out.  She needn’t lift a finger, you thought.  You spent most of your attention picking out the perfect gift, the most clever greeting card, and the prettiest store bought bouquet of flowers.  For sure she’ll feel special.  But think about it for a moment, you’re about to hand her a bouquet of flowers, unarranged.  The kind you’d get at a supermarket because damn it, you went over your budget for everything else so this is all you can afford.  No, there isn’t anything wrong with the store bought bouquets.  BUT you’re handing her a gift that she has to arrange herself?  Woops!  


With the tips below, the only time she’ll have to lift a finger is when she’s sipping her tasty drink.  If you already plan to buy her a bouquet of flowers, go that extra step to unpack them and put them into any vessel that you have at home.  It’s the simplest thing you can do.  

This simple checklist that will get you styling in no time.  

  1. Unpack the bouquet from plastic or paper wrap.
  2. Separate them into flowers and greenery.  Remove any leaves from the stems.  
  3. Gather different size vessels.  Look for varying heights.  Clean them and add water.  Vessels could be drinking glasses, mason jars, bud vases, small tupperware (yep, tupperware counts, don’t judge).  
  4. Put the single stems in various bud vases.  Put the greenery in separate vessels.  

Layering techniques


Arrange them in like blooms. The vases or vessels can be different ranging from glass, to wooden, and to ceramics.  Choose whatever vessel you want.  You have the blooms to tie them together.  Group them in odd numbers.  Our brain find this grouping more interesting.  


Add in a non-living object if you’d like.  A set of flatware counts.  If you have room, place napkins or drinkware here.  The varying heights add interest and will make it look like you effortlessly styled it.  That shortest container happens to be baby food tupperware.  

Tip: Use an elastic rubber band to keep the short stemmed flowers together.


Mix up the blooms and the greens.  In this case, make sure that your containers are similar to each other.  For this example, I used clear glass containers.

Spread them out. Spread out the bud vases on your food buffet or bar.  How do you decide where to put the bud vases?  As you arrange, are there empty spaces that need a boost?  Will the flowers get in the way of functionality (like serving food)?  Anchor a delicious looking dish with flowers tucked in the corner, for example.


About layering.  If you’re grouping them, add a tray for visual cohesiveness.  This may be good for the centerpiece of a table or the side of a buffet table.  With a tray, you can simply remove the entire tray to make room for desserts or drinks.  It’s up to you.  If you don’t have a tray, perhaps use a cutting board.  If you don’t have anything at all, you may use a clean kitchen towel. The extra layer helps to tie the various pieces together.  

There you have it.  Happy styling and rock on with your good self.  Your mom loves you!

Chhavy is a prop and bloom stylist based in Massachusetts.  She loves coffee, flowers, and props.  You’ll find her dabbling in floral designs, prop and interior styling.  She believes in the art of winging-it where one can use their flexible intelligence to come up with fresh solutions to a problem.  Right now, she’s currently working on her passion project over at Style This Shindig where her vision is to see that the creative women of color can have a good time and live her most vibrant life, without limits.